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About Us - Marine Surveyor ConsultantStudio Uliano Engineering, working for over twenty years in industrial automation, mechanical engineering, process engineering and civil works, thanks to the significant experience and references gained by its team of professionals that includes: Physicists, mechanical Engineers, civil Engineers, electrical Engineers, chemical Engineers, Architects and Designers, who recognize themselves in the spirit of teamwork that is the engine for creating synergies between different skills in order to face all the challenges of technological innovation bring welfare to our society, ensuring high levels of quality in compliance with the standards required by local regulations and economic viability.
For about ten years this study, also operates in the field of private research and development, working on prototyping and technological innovation, paying particular attention to companies that want to re-launch themselves in the industry market with new products and technologies or with improving corporate standards. Today there are many companies that have seen fit to draw on the expertise and experience especially that this study has matured over twenty years of activity.